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EMPORIUM SUPERETTE - Inspired by childhood facination of all things East Asia, spurred by my father’s missionary trip to Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong and more. Bringing back all sorts of tchotchkes, all of which intruigued me to such an extent that I began to read books, scour the internet and libraries, and learn all I could about the continent on the other side of the globe that held such contrast to my own. SO, all in all, EMPORIUM SUPERETTE means and deriving from its name which comes from the Emporors of the many nations that existed or still do exist today, not focusing on pop culture of the region as much, but to its history and culture at its heart, not just the modern K-POP songs and ANIME that exist, but the quaint little noodle and tea shops that dot the continent. Our topics include: EAST ASIAN CULTURE, CUISINE, SOCIAL MOVEMENTS. IN ADDITION, because this is the founding brand of the TG&C, it’s products will also include all branded items for TYRANNO as a whole, so each design will be inspired by East Asia, but will hold onto its pure form. KEY DESIGN TERMS -