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The first names' Rex Autry, the last names' Wadsworth (WAHDZ-wurth). Born in Olmos Park Terrace, 'bout a mile west of the Township of Olmos Park in San Antonio, Texas. 

Raised in that boiling Texas sun, the kind where it gets the seat belts so blazin' hot that you get singed with permanent scars. Born with a turn-of-the-century mindset, fed on a steady stream of Mexican Food, Harry Potter, family trips, little sisters, Boy Scout Badges, Lego, Riverwalk boat rides, drawing, Photographing, and skateboarding. 

At age 9, we left our magnificent hometown and begrudgingly moved to the Houston Metropolis to the east. Just as hot, but this time, with a little more swamp to add to the humidity. In the suburb of a suburb called Klein, is where at age 15 I founded RAW Design, soon to be Tyranno. The namesake came from a more humble approach to the self-named studio. As you would imagine, with a name like "Rex", plenty of Dinosaur jokes would be present in my everyday life, and as it was, that inspired the namesake. The TG&C was born. 

The distinct style of TG&C is rather broad. Which is why we have built a specific system to organize and certify our designs. Currently at 11 branded categories, each focuses on a specific topic, ranging from Space Exploration to Native American History, From East Asian Cuisine to Geology collections. Every topic is highly researched and curated to keep it interesting. 

Adiós Muchachos, thanks for stopping by. Really.